Long Walk Home

by What We're Afraid Of

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released October 30, 2011



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What We're Afraid Of

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Track Name: Hands
Let the heart he's created pump blood to the hands that write this down.
Track Name: One Last Shaking
Through this, we're saved; with blood on our faces. "Religion is flawed because man is flawed, including this one." Show me the difference between my angels and my demons, for pitfalls are often confused with safety nets. Sometimes your world must be shaken in order for the dust to fall. And, once again, we fell asleep in the lion's mouth. Trade back the laws for love. Oh God, this story has no end. We've turned what's pure into a diluted mess. Please forgive us all.
Track Name: The Fall Back
Sheep will turn to wolves as the last of our kin fade out, just like a ship that's lost its anchor will float away. Keep that lighthouse in view. Everything with matter holds weight, but that doesn't mean it's not transparent. You know black from white and left from right. Witness the ocean in its fury. Back and forth, the crashing waves erode cliff walls. Don't make the mistake of hitting the rocks. That harbor light has been there the whole time. You're the ship. Come claim your anchor.
Track Name: Kings
Would you crown me king if I sold mine out? Lines of kings for miles, all claiming revolution, beheading my brothers and sisters. But, when all is said and done, we've just reached the beginning, as long as we stay the path. Now, there can be only one they call king, and I'll give Him praise that we bear His name. We will be men without a finish. So, "off with his head," 'cause I'll never fall in line.
Track Name: Breathe Authenticity
Show me something real, 'cause up until now it's been shadows of what should have been. Make no mistake, we need a firm place to rest our feet. So, why do we float through space, disconnected from waking life? Face facts, this is paper thin. The current's demanding, swim sideways; search for the shore. You're worth more than this.
Track Name: Brick By Broken Brick
When does the sun rise? The night hides the end of the long walk home. We crawl on our chests, and only just. Forgetting that we have feet. We should use our hearts like we use our hands. Now, take hold. A long time ago I made a claim, and that claim made me whole. But, I'm half of a whole of who I should be. It's about time I drew a line in the sand. So, bring me my heart. Make a man out of me. The Son has risen. The Son has risen already. Let the heart he's created pump blood to the legs that walk this out.